At StudyCube, we realize that students learn in different ways.This is why we use a multifaceted approach to teach in a way that piques students' interests and allows them to learn complex material for longer periods of time and do so more effectively.
After building a strong basic foundation through structured outlines and study guides, the next objective is to maximize the understanding of the most complex aspects of the subject matter through multimedia approaches such as: flash cards, practice exams, video tutorials, and online supplements complete with interactive charts and graphs. Then, proper application of the material is assessed through the use of hundreds of practice questions via traditional (paper and pencil) practice exams as well as online Computer-Adaptive Tests (CAT). These computer-adaptive assessments are so advanced that they actually adjust to the individual student's strengths and weaknesses WHILE they are taking the exam and make adjustments to benefit the student as each segment of the assessment is completed.

How this occurs in a nutshell

The StudyCube CAT learning assessment software application uses advanced algorithms that increase the number of questions in the topics where the student needs to demonstrate the most improvement AND increases the difficulty of the questions where the individual student is most proficient. This serves to strengthen weaknesses through repetition while, at the same time, advancing the mastery of the material in which the student's comprehension is strongest. The key is that each individual student maximizes learning through the use of learning assessments that increase practice and repetition in the areas they they need, and will personally benefit from, the most.

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