The StudyCube Point Program is our way of recognizing your achievements and contributions to the StudyCube site. As you earn more points, you'll increase your chances of winning cash and prizes awarded to the most active users of the site. The top 10 Points leaders are listed on the Wall of Fame.

The most active users of the site will regularly get premium offers messaged to them from StudyCube. These include such things as: trial versions of new products/features not quite ready for full-scale release, extra practice exams, discounts, free notes, etc.

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Win Grand Prizes

All Members with over 100 Points receive an entry for each 100 Points earned to win a share of thousands of dollars in prizes!

Free StudyCube Online Packet / 10 Free Credits

Requires 750 points. (10 Free Credits automatically added when 750 Points acheived.)

How to Earn Points?

It's so easy to accumulate points. The better you do on the online practice exams, the more points you'll score. Here's the current breakdown of point awards:

# Event Description Points
1 Registered Join through the Members Area (1pt). 1
2 Subscribed Subscribe for a course (1pt). 1
3 Supplement Viewed View a Supplement on the day it's posted (2pts). 2
4 Exam Attempted Take an exam (2pts). 2
5 First to Take Exam Be the first one to compete a posted exam (5pts). 5
6 Retaken Exam Retake an exam (2pts). 2
7 Test Weakness Test your weaknesses (3pts). 3
8 Correct Answer Answer questions correctly (1pt). 1
9 Incorrect Answer Answer a question incorrectly (or leave it blank) (-1pts). -1
10 FeedBack Submitted feedback on how to make things better (max=3x) (1pt). 1
11 Report Reported a problem with a question (max=5x) (2pts). 2
12 50th Percentile Score in the 50th Percentile (4pts). 4
13 67th Percentile Score in the 67th Percentile (6pts). 6
14 80th Percentile Score in the 80th Percentile (8pts). 8
15 90th Percentile Score in the 90th Percentile (12pts). 12
16 95th Percentile Score in the 95th Percentile (16pts). 16
17 99th Percentile Score in the 99th Percentile (20pts). 20
18 Bonus Points Bonus Points provided for certain exams. 25
19 Streak of 10 Correctly answer 10 questions in a row. (10 pts.) 10
20 Complete a Teacher Evaluation Complete a Teacher Evaluation (10pts.) 10
21 Referral A new student joins using your referral code (5pts). 5